Marketing research

The Korolevskiy Holding specializes in marketing research, analytics of consumer preferences, audit of websites. Below are our customers and projects.

Why do marketing research?

If internal marketing analytics answers the question “What is happening”, thenmarketing research will tell you “Why it is happening that way”.

Imagine, some analytics show that 30% of users abandon the goods in an online shopping cart. Marketing analysis will explain why it’s due: too high delivery cost, inconvenient conditions, competitors turned out to be cheaper, and so on.

Marketing research is required to:

Marketing research is a business support and a sort of compass that points in the right direction. No method will give you a 100% guarantee of the business decisions correctness. There are
more chances to get an objective picture with research, to avoid HiPPO Effect, when business makes decisions based on opinion and intuition of leaders. Data is a more reliable adviser.

Audit examples:
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